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This page shows past and future beers we have had or will have.


Golden Sheep

Old ones we've had

The following beers are ones we have had but have no immediate plans to bring back just yet. Don't forget you can vote on all these beers and which will help us decide which ones to bring back

Golden Sheep

Golden Sheep


abv: 3.9%

Golden & Hoppy

Aroma. Explosive citrus-fruit against hoppy background.
Taste. Characteristic Black Sheep dry palate with marked grapefruit-hop and very long refreshing finish Golden Sheep is a beautifully balanced blonde beer that develops with zesty flavours and finishes with a clean and wickedly moreish finish.
Food and Beer Pairing The citrusy flavours of the First Gold hops, lemon and grapefruit lend a delicate zing that sits beautifully with lighter foods such as fish and other seafood.
Ingredients We use Maris Otter malt for all our beers. It's an old and very expensive variety that's distinguished for its taste and quality. A mixture of old English hop varieties with masses of First Gold hop gives Golden Sheep its citrusy characteristics and light nose. We then balance the flavour with plenty of Challenger hops. We use a touch of wheat which helps deliver the lovely creamy head and lacing down the glass - just what you would expect from a proper Yorkshire beer!

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